Public Speaking

In the course of building out my primary site, Legal Nomads, I have become a frequent public speaker, delivering both keynote talks that lean toward inspiration and change, as well as in-depth workshops about the business side of brand-building in an online world. For list of press clips, please see here.

If you are interested in working with me, please email me directly about speaking, writing, and interview requests.

About Jodi Ettenberg

I’m a former lawyer who quit to travel for what I thought would be a year around the world. Over 5.5 years later, my site, Legal Nomads, has grown into a successful travel blog and a stepping stone for a business as a freelance writer, public speaker and social media consultant. Starting in January 2014, I will also run casual food tours for readers who want to learn about a city’s culinary history.

Meknes, Morocco
In Meknes, Morocco


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Frequently-Requested Speaking Topics

Jodi Ettenberg
Keynoting at WDS 2011 in Portland, OR

To date, the most-requested topics for speaking have been:

  • How to build an Engaged Community: how short-term spikes in engagement do not mean you have a loyal customer base. Focus on tools to build both engagement on social streams and to continuously reenergize your core users and consumers.
  • Branding, Storytelling and Effective Use of Social Media: without optimizing your brand’s story for willing repeatability, social media becomes less effective. Learn how to create a compelling message and then how to maximize their dissemination on social media and other communications platforms.
  • Career breaks and Career Transitions: how to work toward what you love in life, not sit and wait for an epiphany to figure it out for you.
  • Food and Travel: traveling with food allergies, how to find cheap and delicious street food without getting sick, tools and packing lists for traveling safely while still enjoying streetside meals.

What to Expect

When working together, I will provide:

  • Prompt, professional replies to your emails and phone messages.
  • A Google Hangout with video prior to beginning work, to facilitate communication and better know your audience.
  • Announcement in the Links I Loved newsletter about the upcoming event, should you require additional publicity.
  • A presentation with important storytelling aspects but also clear and concise takeaways, tailored to your audience’s needs.
  • A post-presentation resource page, hosted on your site or via private page, summarizing the takeaways and linking to additional information from around the web that builds upon the speech.

Selected Speaking Experience